Write a poem to express and reflect your own personal values.
The poem must include:

  • words from the culture/language you researched,
  • a South African symbol
  • Reflections on the heritage
  • Reflections on your own culture/values.

Like a koeksister’s two pieces unite to form a whole,

does everybody have a friend to grow old with, and find fulfilment for the soul?


What is this diversity? What is this freedom?

What does it feel like when a cheetah runs with wisdom?

Will respect and true leadership emerge again?

Will our children’s children be free,

and at what cost then?


May this potjie of all cultures in our land,

rise in full flavour , standing strong, hand in hand.

May respect and honour flourish our streets once again.

May the Springbok return to its prominent place and “WEN”!


One thing I long to see one day:

to find my place in this world

and live a life that’s more than just okay.


To be without fear and without doubt,

may our vision for a better future be

bright and without a gloominess cloud.


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